Monday, October 10, 2011

SiF #301 - Body Fluids.

What is most dangerous? Semen? Vaginal Fluid? Anal Mucus? Salvia? Tears? Breast Milk?

It's time to talk about body fluids with Laura Rad, Coochie and Gay Rick. What makes exchanging them so hot? Gay Rick loves dumping a load and taking a load. Coochie talks about the duality of the vagina and its body fluids. Laura Rad learns about the risks of anal mucous. The gang talks about barriers, barebacking and relationships. Coochie tells Laura Rad and Gay Rick to shut the fuck up and wrap things up all while promoting safer sex.

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  1. Fun episode! Maybe make a Part Deux that spins on the positive attributes: likes and dislikes of flavors, colors, textures. And including some of the other fluids: tears, perspiration, natural body oils/scents/pheromones.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I imagine we'll come back to this topic at some point, as we all are into body fluids :)