Thursday, April 12, 2012

Men in Lacy Underthings

Today is dedicated to all the men out there with something frilly under their khakis. Lots of men wear panties for lots of different reasons. Some like to do something that feels naughty, some like the look, the way their special bits are held more snugly than in boxers or the feel of the soft, shiny or lacy material.

The popular misconception is that men who like to wear women's clothing must be gay. In fact, numbers seem to indicate that the majority of men who enjoy wearing women's clothing self identify as straight. Of course people can't always be looked at in terms of "the numbers" and there will be a wide variety of folks who defy the trends in any group. If you find out someone you know likes to dress in clothes of the opposite gender, have a conversation with them and find out what they like about it before making assumptions about what it may or may not mean about their broader sexual preferences and orientations, ok?

Ok sorry, Tim Curry had to end up in this post somewhere.

If you are a panty wearing man or a person who loves them you should check out He Wears Panties. This site offers reviews of panties, articles about what panties are flattering and how to come out to significant others as well as forums where you can participate in discussion. Now, go forth and look at sexy underpants!

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