Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sexy Story Time

How's your day going?  Do you need a sexy story break?  There are lots of free places to find erotica on the internet.  Literotica has a huge selections of stories from many different catagories.  Nifty is a great source for GLBT stories.  Now that you know where to find them here are 5 fun ways to use sexy stories in your life.

1. Look for ideas you'd like to add to your sex life
2. Give partner a story as a sexy gift
3. Give a partner a story as a suggestion with the parts you would like to do with them highlighted
4. Think about a form of sex play that doesn't seem all that sexy to you.  See if you can find a story that makes it sound hot!
5. Find a story you like.  Try imagining yourself as each character.  What is it like to imagine yourself in a role you don't normally take or a gender that is different than your own?

Play with it!

1 comment:

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