Monday, June 25, 2012

SiF #338 - Five Questions: Jena

A self-identified bisexual female answers the 5 questions?!?!? It's about damn time! Are you missing out on kinky, dirty sex by leaving your local Renaissance fair too early? Do bisexuals loudly proclaim their sexuality from mountain tops? And how the hell does David Bowie fit into it all? Listen to what Jena has to say!

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1 comment:

  1. I didn't realize that my monogamous bisexuality was unclear! Let me touch on that real quick.

    I think Ms. Rad has the right of it. I am sexually attracted to men. I am sexually attracted to women. I don't stop being attracted to either just because I'm in a relationship, or not in one. It's the sexual attraction that I feel defines me as bisexual.

    I'm in a monogamous marriage, which means I am not sexually intimate with anyone other than my husband. I do enjoy flirting, I "cuddle" a bit (prolonged hugs, really), hell, I have friends I kiss on the mouth. But it's not sexual. It's a sharing of intimacy, but not sexual intimacy. It's like a friendship intimacy. These activities would maybe be seen as cheating or non-monogamous with a different couple. But for me, the activities aren't about being turned on, but about my friendship with the individual.

    Compare it to watching porn, where the point is to be turned on. Men turn me on. Women turn me on. I am attracted to both sexually. But I don't do anything sexually with anyone outside my husband.

    The thing about fantasies is that there is a certain amount of objectification involved. I mean, you don't fantasize about a woman going down on you, and then she gets up and says "not tonight, dear. I have a headache" You are in control in a fantasy. So fantasizing for me is like using a vibrator. it's an object or a tool, but it's not another person.

    I feel like I've rambled. I hope what I'm trying to say is clear. If there are any questions, I'd certainly love to answer them.