Sunday, December 16, 2012

SiF Product Review - LELO Tor 2

LELO Tor 2
Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

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LELO has created another sleek and elegant sex toy, this time in the form of a rechargeable vibrating cock ring. Made of body-safe silicone and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season.
As with all of their other vibrating toys the noise level is incredibly low (less than 50dB!), yet produces the powerful vibrations I’ve come to expect from LELO’s other vibrators. It takes only two hours to fully charge the battery, and once fully charged you will enjoy up to 90 minutes of vibration. A single charge will last up to 90 days in standby mode.

There are six different vibration modes, so everyone is sure to find a pattern they like. The controls are incredibly simple - just push the plus or minus to generate more or less intense vibrations respectively. It is simple enough to cycle through each of the modes, but you do this by pushing on the plus for 2 seconds. This means that the vibrator will be going full tilt before you move on to the next mode. A little green light underneath the plus blinks as it switches to the next mode. It’s not my favorite way of cycling through modes, and you would need to pause or drastically reduce motion momentarily before moving into the next mode. It’s such a small device though that there isn’t really any other space for a third button that would deal with cycling through the modes. The plus and minus button also act as the lock, in the same fashion as the other LELO toys. Hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for a couple seconds, and when the green light goes out your Tor 2 is locked and ready for travel. A quick tap of the plus and minus simultaneously will turn off the vibration.

The cock ring is just over an inch in diameter, but stretches up to about 4 inches, so it is certain to fit a wide variety of people. I had trouble getting both of my partner’s testicles through, so used it primarily around the shaft of his penis. It is also great as a handheld vibrator, for masturbation, hand sex, and those without penises in the mix. It would also work really well externally, as a handheld vibrator on the anus. I highly recommend this as a way to include vibration in strap-on sex. The ring fits securely around the shaft of a penis or dildo, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around or changing position during sex. If you are having trouble getting it onto the shaft, try using some water-based lube.

There are two significant improvements over the original Tor (and the Tor’s predecessor, the BO). Tor 2 is one solid piece. LELO has now combined the vibrator and the cock ring into one solid piece of silicone. You no longer have to slide the vibrator into place to start vibration. This cuts down on seams, making for a nice smooth surface. I also think this unification creates a cock ring/vibrator combination that is so much easier to use and clean.

Speaking of cleaning, the Tor 2 is easy to clean. The best part is in the second significant improvement over previous versions - the Tor 2 is waterproof! This means you can thoroughly clean the toy without worrying about damaging the electronics. I would be wary of boiling the Tor 2 though, as I’m not sure if the electronics could handle that kind of heat.

The Tor 2 comes in black, green, or purple. With its matte finish and smooth silicone you will have a hard time putting the Tor 2 down. Check it out for a favorite sex partner’s gift this holiday season!

Review by Coochie

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